Hello there. Welcome to the Vijaya High School Blog.

It all started when I started blogging my experiences at VHS on my blog at bangaloreblues.wordpress.com. It was thrilling to have former students from the school dropping by to say hello and narrate their stories as well.

So now here it is… an exclusively VHS blog.

If you are or were a student of Vijaya High School in Jayanagar please share your experiences here. To post your experiences, make announcements, etc, please send me a mail at vijaym63(at)gmail(dot)com.

Look forward to hearing your VHS experiences. You can read my experiences here.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. nagarathna k k Says:

    Please include my name in the alumni. I passed out X in 1992, am from G section. Send in the mail list of my classmates.


  2. Deepak Dutt Says:

    Please include my name also, I passed out X in 1992 from F Section of our Prestigious school. I am interested in establishing my fond memories of thoes Golden days of my school.

  3. Kalyani Says:

    Pls include me in the blog roll – I passed out in 1992 from F section…Also, how can u reach out to other members!!??


  4. Vijay Says:

    @Kalyani: The comments are more active on the BB site… I am sure you’ll find your batchmates there as there are over 300 comments…


  5. Ravi Kumar Says:

    I passed out in 1990. I was in D section. I would like to connect with my friends from my section. HSD was the class teacher.

    – Ravi

  6. SGS Datta Says:

    hi , i am sgs datta, i am 1979 to 1982 batch

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