The Hall Ticket

February 16, 2009

Events evoke memories. Nikhil’s preparation for his tenth board exams took me back to a time when I almost didn’t make it to mine.

Hall tickets were given. Like all my other friends, I took the hall ticket to the local Ganesha Temple where the priest “blessed” was then bought back home and mom checked every detail on the thing to make sure it was okay. The name, date of birth etc etc…

“Its very important” she said.. “the name had to be correct”

“Oh well” said dad.. “If its printed wrong, we’ll just change his name”

Fortunately everything was okay. During my younger days, my name frequently got changed to “Vijaya”.. that extra “a” turned it into a girl’s name.. so I was glad that the name was right.

After the initial euphoria, the hall ticket was kept in a “Safe Place”.

The concept of a “safe place” has been immortalized in houses round the world…. It generally means “never to be found again”…

The day before the exams, there was a suggestion to “tape” the hall ticket to my exam pad. But wait a minute… where was the hall ticket?? !!!!!

No one knew..not mom, of course not dad..not Aditya (he was 4 years old at that time)…everyone was a suspect…we looked everywhere, the house, the neighbourhood garbage pile (thinking maid had thrown it)…no luck !!!

So, the day before my tenths, I am not sure whether I will be allowed to take the exam. Not the sort of mood you want to be in when you are going to be writing (at that point in time), one of the most important exams of your life. Getting a duplicate was out of the question.

Next day, mom went with me to Chandrashekariah’s (KSC, the HM) office. After some discussions (and KSC berating me for not taking care of things), it was decided that he would accompany me to the exam hall every day and tell the external examiner that I was to be allowed to write the exams.

So, the rest of the exams went that way. I’d go and wait outside KSC’s office, he’d come out 10 minutes before the exams stated and led me to the room. He never forgot to wish me luck.

As for the hall ticket….thats still a mystery…

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Its Teachers Day

September 5, 2008

Guru Bramha
Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshaath
Para Bramha
Tasmai Shri
Guru Ve Namaha

Dedicated to all the noble souls in the teaching profession.

Missing Classes

September 4, 2008

There were two ways of missing class in VHS. The “official” way was to offer to help someone like our PE teacher MNR in “cleaning” the NCC room.. what this would mean was hours of officially sanctioned “missed time” spent in activities such as indoor cricket, volleyball and football all behind closed doors and windows.

If anyone complained about the noise emanating, the standard answer would be “Hey we were asked to clean this room.. we are only doing our job”. Its a different matter that the room ended up being messier that it was when we started but I guess the way MNR saw it, at least he got someone who was willing to clean the place up.

Of course the “unofficial” way was to just walk out of class and spend the hour hiding somewhere. Somehow this was always more exciting because of the dangers involved.

Our Headmaster Chandrashekariah (KSC) would always be prowling around the school looking for anything that was amiss. Getting caught by him was to be avoided at all costs and that was part of the excitement. In addition KSC used to send the office attenders to the playgrounds behind the school to check. Retribution was severe but that did not stop us from trying.

Right behind the school building was a temple (Patalamma Temple) whose grounds were the unofficial playgrounds for the school (today most of that ground is occupied by a marraige hall). In addition there was a mechanic in the area who used to park cars in a corner of the ground while he repaired them.

The problem with missing classes was that if a few of us absconded, then no one noticed. But that day about 20 of us decided to take off and head in different directions. So our group (about 11 or so) is sitting in the Patalamma playground next to a parked car when one of us notices an attender called Chowdiah coming out via the back entrance to do a check. All of us scramble inside the car (11 guys inside an old Fiat car). We are scared to look our for fear of making “eye contact” and getting caught.

About 10 long (and smelly) minutes later we decide that it was probably safe to peer out. We open the door and what do we see… Chowdiah, KSC and RP (whose class we had bunked) waiting right outside the car. Apparently alarmed at the LARGE number of absentees, RP had raised an alarm and a manhunt was underway to round us up.

We were made to march in a single file to the HM’s office and made to wait outside while the others were rounded up. Other students stared at with a look that said “Thank God we are not in your shoes”.

Anyway only our group was rounded up that day. The rest had gone home. Next was the session with the HM. In addition to being called Donkeys, we were extolled on the virtues of attending class along with a strict order to bring in our parents the next day. Several God and Mother Promises later we were let off but with warning that if this EVER happened again…. then God help us.

You’d think that this event made us change our way… you are right.. till the next time it happened. Oh ya and we never did take our parents.. whew !!!

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Motivator Par Excellence

August 20, 2008

A long overdue post….

As I struggle to keep my son motivated for his tenth exams, I cannot but think of K.S.Chandrashekariah.

K.S.C was the Headmaster of Vijaya High School. Every day at the morning assembly he’d launch into this lecture about studies, study habits. In the beginning the lectures seemed long drawn and boring… sitting in the quadrangle under the morning sun.. but soon it would “Eat” its way into you… he’d almost be in raptures talking about success stories and how discipline helped in the long run. I still remember him on the podium in the class.. all the time extolling us with the virtues of good study habits.

By the time we were in 10th grade, it was cool to be a “kudumi” (bookworm). The dedication and passion are somehow missing from teachers of this era.

We need more Chandrashekariahs….

A letter from a Teacher

February 13, 2008

Mukund (’74-’77) Writes:

DJS -Mrs Shashikala was my class teacher -1974-77 and she  took vrs and started working at a poor children school. Now she has started a school and requested me to associate  and also requested me to spread word to  old students of VHS, please  find below her mail – if anybody is interested in this venture, her contact details are:

Dear Mukund,
Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas and blessed
New year.
I would like to inform about my organization “Witness Foundation”
this deals with Working with underprivileged children, Conducting free
Medical camps and training the weaker Section women to develop Skill
and to be independent for better life and Many more plans,
Kindly involve in this project, Support this good cause
to bring Smile on the faces of the poor.
       Warm regards

Teachers Day Remembrance

September 5, 2007

Heres to all the teachers in Vijaya High School who put up with us.

K.S.Chandrashekariah: His famous speeches after daily prayers are legendary. It involved exhorting us to study long hours (he made it fashionable to be a “kudumi”) and general issues that he hoped would make us better members of society. His constant grinding has definitely paid off. Just take a look at scores of his students doing well all over the world.

L. Hanumanthaiah (LH): For his stories about the USA. Boring at times, but in those pre-internet, pre-wiki, and pre-google days, it was the only source of stories. Rest in Peace.

P. Manjula (PM): Her “Yeno Katthe..” still rings in my ears. She called me her Chief Advisor because I had an opinion on everything. Fortunately she didn’t say those things when I introduced her to my son recently. These days the greeting is different. A warm hug and a pat on my back followed by “HenGe idhiyo Mari?”…

P.S.Chidambara Murthy (PSC): Taught us Geometry. His impeccable white shirt and trousers, his perfect circles on the blackboard.. not to mention his beautiful handwriting.

T.S. Mohan (TSM): In those days he was a very large man who rode a puny scooter… he had a unique technique in “twisting your ears”… slow and very painful.

H. Vijayendra Rao (HVR): Our much beleagured Chemistry teacher..joined school when we were in 9th.. 1977-78.

J.R. Seetharama Shastry (JRS): Still remember how he used to sit in class and teach us Shubhashitaas… A bunch of us used to go to his house for tution. Major attraction was the idly place close to his house.

R. Prahalad (RP): Seems like the favorite story about him from ALL batches was how he used to eat from our lunch boxes… The thing I seem to remember him by is that he was funny at times (in a queer way) but extremely tempermental.

K. Narayana Ballal (KNB): Used to teach us Sanskrit 2nd Language… had a mean pinch. A friend of mine to this day remembers a tweak he was given in his private area… PAINFUL !!!

N. Narayana Rao (NNR): Taught us Hindi…very “kannadiga” pronounciation of Hindi… also remember that his Bell Bottom was much larger than his waist. Always nattily dressed.

M. Narayana Rao (MNR): Physical Education. Many afternoons spent missing class and cleaning his NCC room. Without class teacher permission of course.

Y.v. Nagaraja Rao (YVN): English teacher. We drove him to exasperation… Still remember he’d stop teaching, sit in the chair and walk out after the bell rang. Marks would be given based on length of answer. People have claimed to have written cricket commentaries as part of the answer and gotten full marks.

PAK: History teacher.. Cricket in charge.. jovial and had the choicest words to say to you if you were caught talking in his class…

MV: Great Math teacher… very dignified and serious.

Check out some pictures here.. (acknowledgement to Giri Tirumale)

Send in your Teachers Day greetings

September 3, 2007

Sept 5 is teachers day. Please send in memories of your favorite teacher.

Hello World!

September 1, 2007

Hello there. Welcome to the Vijaya High School Blog.

It all started when I started blogging my experiences at VHS on my blog at It was thrilling to have former students from the school dropping by to say hello and narrate their stories as well.

So now here it is… an exclusively VHS blog.

If you are or were a student of Vijaya High School in Jayanagar please share your experiences here. To post your experiences, make announcements, etc, please send me a mail at vijaym63(at)gmail(dot)com.

Look forward to hearing your VHS experiences.

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